Saturday, 9 July 2016

Evocative and quirky evening

Laughter, lyrical and well loved!

All present at Settle Sessions in the Folly on Friday 1st July, agreed it was an excellent evening. 
Ed Reiss
Ed Reiss from Bradford got us all laughing as he read a dozen or so of his quirky and thought-provoking poems. Politicians should beware when Ed gets loose on them. 

Jane Routh contributed lyrical reflections, some on life in Tatham showing her deep love of the countryside and others evoking time spent in the Hebrides.
Jane Routh

Four others read more briefly. Among them Hazel Richardson is to be congratulated for her courage in reading her own work in public for the first time – and with considerable impact. 
Hazel Robinson (centre)

Veronica Caperon gave strong renderings of two of her pieces, Joan Lee delighted us with a heart-felt reading of a poem she’d loved since the age of eight, Leisure by WH Davies, and Rodney Hooper took us back to the First World War with Edward Thomas.
Joan Lee (right)
Rodney Hooper

The Folly makes wonderful setting for such an occasion. The volunteers quietly saw to the practical arrangements so that chairs and refreshments appeared exactly as required. The next Session is on Friday September 9th
Jean Harrison Friday 1st 2016
Entries were invited to two poetry competitions - the deadline is creeping up: 12th August 2016, the details are on our comeptition page on the website.