Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Engaging and Fascinating Session

The June Settle Session went well as usual.  

We had another full house - including a members of the Bentham Looking Well Group who presented a varied range of work which the audience enjoyed very much. 

Eliza Dear read from her collection with enthusiasm. She so clearly enjoyed interacting with the audience, and they with her.  

Jane Routh gripped us with her thoughtful account of wildlife and its life on her smallholding and of her real conversation in her kitchen with a modern mole-catcher and, in the same place, an imagined conversation with a nineteenth century predecessor, based on her research of a real person.  This contrasted very well with another 'conversation' with a young man who might take over in years to come.

The September Settle Session features Carole Coates and Jean Harrison  

The Read Two open mic slot is now full but if you'd like to take part in future ones, please contact us.