Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Stimulating and broad ranging programme

Review - Settle Sessions, 17 April, The Folly

Settle Sessions' third Year got off to a flying start last Friday evening with a stimulating programme illustrating the broad range that this group seeks to encompass.

Two of the North's most highly-regarded prizewinning poets, Carole Bromley from York and Carole Coates from Lancaster were a perfect foil for each other.

Carole Bromley's poems were pithy, firmly set in the everyday world, and expressed wry humour, pathos and empathy in a manner that was both matter-of-fact and yet highly sensitive. Carole Coates' work was more expansive and narrative in style. The depth of her creativity was evident in populating the imaginary country of Kor. She has a novelist's eye and it was no surprise to hear that next year she is publishing a novel in verse – something to look out for.

These readings were very effectively interspersed with contributions from Hilary Holdsworth reading her own amusing short story 'A Blast from the Past' warning of the dangers of the Friends Reunited website; Floe Shakespeare shared two poems by John Davies and Maya Angelou, centuries apart in style and content. Ann Pilling and John Raubenheimer gave readings from the work of Elizabeth Bishop, one of America's greatest 20th century poets.
Anne Read

Carole Coates writes:  I'm really glad you enjoyed the reading.  I particularly liked coming to Settle.  The venue was unique, the audience excellent, the organisation faultless.  There was also an easy, friendly and laid-back atmosphere which I appreciated....  I will try and get to more Settle Sessions.  I enjoyed that one so much.  So I hope I'll see you again.
Other Sessions this year will be in June, September and November. Tickets for the evening are £6 (£5.50 for members) available from Cave and Crag, The Courtyard Dairy, The Folly and 01729 823305. Become a member for £2 and play your part in making Settle Sessions even better! More details are at www.settlesessions.co.uk.