You can see how Settle Sessions have been received by clicking on these links:

Proving that modern poetry can engage and enthral an audience in June 2017. Kathleen Jones and Ron Scowcroft, with Jean Stevens 

Veronica Caperon and Ann Pilling delight the audience in April 2017 with funny and poignant work, with Maggie How, Joan Butler, Kerry Darbishire and David Smith

Pauline Yarwood and Isobel Thrilling highlighted pink poppies and basking sharks in our September 2016 session. Olwyn Bolger, Kathy Swinscoe, Barbara Bowman and John Rose had children's poems for the audience too

Jane Routh and Ed Reiss brought lyricism and laughter to the delighted audience with Hazel Robinson, Joan Lee, Rodney Hooper and Veronica Caperon in July 2016

Jean Stevens and Anne Caldwell deliver their new work to a packed and appreciative audience, with Beryl Jones, Jackie Allott, Tricia Robinson and Jean Lavelle in April 2016

Chris Considine and Ann Pilling launch their new collections in November 2015
with Ron Scowcroft, Gavin Wilshaw, Bob Dew and Kathy Swinscoe

Meg Peacocke and Kim Moore delighted the audience in September 2015, with Anne Richer, Sandra Fox and John Raubenheimer

Neil Curry  and Jean Harrison with Sarah Wiltshire, Anne Richer, Annie Nelligan and Ali Easton June 2015

Carole Bromley and Carole Coates with Hilary Holdsworth, Floe Shakespeare, Ann Pilling and John Raubenheimer April 2015

Ann Pilling's "Say Cheese" anthology of happy poems, and Sessioners' choice of favourite Christmas poems December 2014

Trish Pogson and Jean Harrison with Sarah Lightfeather and Olwen Bolger September 2014

Jane Routh and Eliza Dear June 2014

Jennifer Copley, Sue Vickerman with Sarah Wilshire and Paula Day April 2014

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