Sunday, 25 October 2015

Excellent combination

We were very pleased to bring together the establishment and the newcomer in our September Session! 

Meg Peacocke and Kim Moore graced the evening and brought a wide spectrum of emotions and observations to the evening.

Mike Barlow was very impressed:
Last night’s event was excellent. Both Meg and Kim. And what an interesting combination, the up-and-coming and the established and venerable. I’m just sorry there wasn’t a bigger audience. It deserved a packed one.

And I thought the local readers reading other poets’ work was also very good to hear and a nice change.

In the Read Two slot, locals Anne Richer, Sandra Fox and John Raubenheimer brought some of their favourite poems to share with a very appreciative audience

Some audience reactions:
A very good balance of speakers • Always an enjoyable evening • Great poets this evening • it was magnificent, the best yet

The next evening will be on Friday 20th November, starting with wine and nibbles reception. This will be your opportunity to suggest how you would like Settle Sessions to be in 2016.

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